Broadband speeds in the Village

Kirdford Village


We have been looking at the Government Scheme for vouchers towards increasing the Broadband coverage for Kirdford with OpenReach (the owner of the infrastructure). OpenReach do not have any projects in the pipeline to enhance the infrastructure for Kirdford - we already have Fast Internet to the Exchange and fibre to the green boxes on the roadside.

This already gives houses access to fast internet, but as you get further away from the green roadside boxes the speed decreases.

There is an opportunity to provide Gigabit broadband to buildings, but that requires a Community Fibre Partnership to be set up between an organisation in Kirdford and the residents. We have set up this partnership between OpenReach and Kirdford Parish Council.

The way the partnership works, is that residents who wish to potentially be included make themselves known to the Parish Council, we collate all the information (names, addresses etc.), this is then submitted to OpenReach, who will work out the cost, taking into account any available grants etc. - the cost is then passed onto the recipients - the Parish Council may also look at a grant towards these costs as well.

Please email with your full address, including post code and landline number to be added to the potential list.