Speeding through the village

Kirdford Village


As a Parish Council, we are regularly contacted regarding the speed of vehicles travelling through the village or anti social driving.  It is an item that comes up often in our Parish Council Meetings (you are always invited, we display the agendas on the Parish Council Noticeboards and on this website).

I wanted to give an update of where we, the Parish Council, are at the moment with this issue.  We have discussed the problem with the Highways Department of Chichester District Council and hope to be implementing a speed survey in the near future. We are also investigating the following options.

  • Speed bumps - this is not an option according to Highways as they cause vibration in the ground and extra noise.
  • Speed indication signs - these show the driver what speed they are doing in a 30mph area. They are easily erected in various parts of the village  and we have identified, together with Highways, the optimum location for the signs - we are currently getting prices.
  • Village signs - usually white or wood gates either side of the highway, with the Kirdford Village sign on them, indicating to a driver that they are entering the village.  We have also identified with Highways, where we can place the gates - we are currently getting prices.
  • Adding a 40mph limit before entering the village - again this is not an option according to Highways as they are governed by legislation with regards to number of houses, density, etc.

Another option to reduce speeding through the village, is the formation of a Parish Traffic Group, this is a group of volunteers that stand at fixed locations and measure the speed of vehicles going past them. Any vehicles travelling in excess of the speed limit are noted and the Police informed via a website. The Police will then take action, especially in the case of re-offenders.  The Parish Council are happy to support such a group and contribute towards the equipment needed. Please reach out to us if you would like to form one.  There are already groups in Wisborough Green and Ifold. 

With regards to antisocial driving outside of the village, the Parish Council are powerless to take any action, we can only recommend that if you experience any dangerous or antisocial driving, you should note the registration number of the vehicle and report it to the Police yourself.

Cllr Tony Brooks