Boundary Commission for England Review 2023


The Boundary Commission for England is proposing changes to the constituency boundaries in England, which would mean Kirdford would move from Arundel and South Downs to the Chichester constituency.

The proposed changes can be viewed here – just type in your postcode

We would urge you to give your feedback to BCE and help to protect our rural communities and preserve our dark skies.

If you wish your views to be considered, please ensure they are received by BCE no later than the closing date of this statutory consultation period, which is 2 August 2021.

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Below is a suggested template to send to BCE. You can also leave your comments on their website using this link and then click the ‘comments’ button to the right of the boundaries map.

Please send your submission to: Freepost REPRESENT

Boundary Commission for England
35 Great Smith Street

To whom it may concern,

2023 Boundary Review Consultation – West Sussex

I currently live in the Arundel & South Downs constituency and I wish to oppose the current BCE proposals on the following grounds:

  1. The degree of change imposed upon the electorate – with the current constituency where I live broken into no fewer than six successor parts – suggests that the Boundary Commission has given insufficient regard to boundaries of existing constituencies as there are viable alternatives that would less inconvenience electors;
  2. The essential character of Arundel and South Downs is of a rural constituency lying between the Downs away from the coastal strip with an east-west orientation and a string of similar and connected small towns and villages. This has not been recognised as a geographic factor nor in terms of local ties; and
  3. Modest changes to the existing boundary number of split wards impacting just a few thousand electors could prevent wholesale change impacting hundreds of thousands of electors;
  4. The proposed inclusion of Salvington and Offington Ward from Worthing BC could easily be substituted by restoring the Pulborough and Storrington Wards in Horsham DC, materially improving existing community ties and reducing the degree of change.
I understand that there is a counter proposal which has been put forward by the Member of Parliament for Arundel and South Downs and which has been discussed locally. This counter proposal has my full support.

Yours faithfully,

My address is: