A well trained and skilled staff force is the key resource in sustaining and improving the quality of services offered by Kirdford Parish Council.

We have therefore placed great store in supporting not only the Officers but also Members of Council by encouraging and promoting continuous professional development.



The aim of this procedure is to ensure that all Members of Council and staff are properly and appropriately authorised, adequately trained and have the experience and skills necessary to effectively conduct their duties.



The Parish Council will review this document annually, in the event of any relevant significant changes within the authority.



The Clerk is the Council’s appointed officer with overall responsibility for ensuring that where appropriate all Members of Council and officers undertake training, which will enhance their professional development.

A training record will be issued to each person (Members of Council and Staff) and a copy of this record will be maintained in the Council’s office to ensure effective monitoring of training both requested and undertaken.

The assessment of the training requirements of each officer will be facilitated by means of the Annual Appraisal Scheme. The objective is to take a more individual approach to the identification, planning and evaluation of training and development initiatives.


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