Your Parish Council


The Parish Council came into being in 1894 due to Local Government re-organisation. 

The Parish Council is a Statutory Body, with members elected every four years and is funded through the local Precept.  The Precept is calculated by the Council estimating its expenditure and income for the following financial year  and is then added to the Council Tax, collected by Chichester District Council.  The Precept is paid to the Parish Council in two  instalments in April and September.  The Parish Council does not receive funding direct from the  Government as the other tiers (County and District Councils) do. 

There are nine Members on this Council and the last contested election was in May, 2011  All Parish Councillors are volunteers.   

The Parish Council is considered the first tier of local government and can deliver a vast array of public services at a local level.  Currently there is a three-tier system of local government in West Sussex (Parish, District and County).  However part of the Parish is within the South Downs National Park and therefore the South Downs National Park Aughority are responsible within that area for District functions.

Kirdford Parish Council

Chichester District Council

South Downs National Park Authority

West Sussex County Council

The Parish Council has a large range of powers and therefore is actively engaged on behalf of its residents on a variety of different activities within the community. 


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