Kirdford Parish Council note the decision by Chichester District Council (CDC) to approve the application for development of 54 residential dwellings on Plaistow Road with unrestricted phasing. Since 2015 Kirdford Parish Council had worked hard to oppose this and have argued for a phased development, in line with the Neighbourhood Plan. However, the CDC Planning Committee voted 6-5 in favour of Cala Homes unphased development, starting works in 2020. The Council is awaiting further information.

Crouchlands Farm: Monday 5th August, the owners will commence the demolition of the two Anaerobic Digesting tanks nearest the restricted byway that runs up through the area of the farm yard. Inevitably, this will result in some noise and dust during working hours. The byway will remain open and they will manage any traffic (walkers, riders etc.) at the time to ensure their safe passage past the works. The owners ask that everyone observes the advisory signs for safety.

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The Parish Council has recently completed a considerable amount of drainage works within the parish funded from the West Sussex County Council Community Flood Fund.  In the near future it will be working with the Environment Agency on flood prevention works from the River Kird.

However, landowners have the main responsibility for safeguarding their land and nearby property against flooding and blocked drains.  West Sussex County Council is only responsible for highways drains and culverts under roads.

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