The Clerk be appointed as Responsible Financial Officer.

An Internal Auditor be appointed by Council to review and report directly to Council, whether the systems of financial and other control are effective. This function will be independent of the financial controls and procedures of the Council which are subject to review. This person will have full access to all information relating to the activities of Kirdford Parish Council.

An Internal Financial Controller be appointed by Council to review and report to Council whether the day to day systems of finance and other control measures are effectively managed and where necessary give advice and guidance to the Responsible Financial Officer.

That the Chairman of Council, Chairman of the Finance Committee together with the Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee be the authorised bank signatories.

Reports relating to the income and expenditure of the Council, to be produced monthly at either a Finance Committee meeting or Parish Council meeting along with other supporting documents. Such returns will be authorised by either the Committee or Council and signed as a true and correct record of the financial situation of the Council as at the date of the meeting in question. A copy of all returns to be issued to Council members these indicating the date of cheque run, payee, reason for payment, net, vat and gross payment being made and also cheque/voucher numbers.

Quarterly income and expenditure against budget reports will be supplied by the Responsible Financial Officer to all members of Council.

All information with the exception of that excluded under the Data Protection Act will be made available to members of public upon reasonable written request to the Clerk’s Office.

The only exception to this rule being August, when one payment schedule will be produced and signed by the relevant signatories thereafter the cheques will be issued, but the statement presented and approved by Council at the next available meeting.

Notwithstanding the above salary payments will be made no later than the Thursday of the third week of each calendar month, but the payment schedule whilst signed at the time of issue by two of the cheque signatories will be presented and approved by Council at the next available meeting.

Delegated powers of expenditure are authorised for the Clerk in conjunction with if possible, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Council to incur expenditure to the value of £2,500 in the event of emergencies.

The Clerk will provide to the Council a monthly financial analysis. Those members absent to be sent the information to their home addresses.

Quarterly Income & Expenditure against Budget figures will also be presented to Council, in July, October and January.


Grants Scheme Policy

A Parish Council is empowered to incur expenditure in the execution of any works in order to exercise its statutory powers. There is also a power to incur expenditure for the benefit of the area of all or some of its inhabitants (Local Government Act 1972 s.137).

During the Financial Year 2011/2012 it was resolved by Kirdford Parish at their October Full Council Meeting to provide a fund of £4,000 to assist groups who conform to the above test during the Year 2011/2012.

Therefore, the following timetable will be set for all community grant applications:-


Total Grant Available

Period 1st April – 31st August £1,500

Period lst September – 31st March * £1,500

Additional Sum available at discretion of

Parish Council for emergency situations* £1,000


All applicants must complete the attached application form and enclose a copy of their recent audited accounts, giving a brief description of the reasons why such a grant is required.

Any questions regarding the completion of the grant application form or the formula for this provision, please contact The Parish Clerk on 01403 783477.

*These monies will be issued on a first come first served basis, however in the event of a community group requiring some emergency grant assistance this may be addressed by the Parish Council.



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